For me, visual art is a lifelong exercise. My biggest influence is, and always has been my parents. My father was an architect, and my mother was a costume designer and I was exposed to art, design and the creative process from a young age.

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to them and other creators that has gone before me, designing and creating and building cities, that I now paint. I do what I do because of them.

For many people in different cultures and religions, colours have different symbolic values. My colour use is simple but symbolic and have biblical connotations. I have termed this ‘the old testament colour symbolics’. Colour can have a healing influence on a person’s emotional and psychological centre. As per example, blue is a symbol of hope in my work. To some, red is a symbol of danger, but I would like to counter that narrative by reclaiming it as a symbol of supernatural love. I use yellow and gold to symbolise wisdom, knowledge and deep understanding. My work is an attempt to use colour symbolism in order to influence healing of the emotional and the psychological centre of the viewer. I believe that this is my way to contribute in the healing of our country (South Africa).

I always strive to do my best in the hours I dedicate to a work of art because I believe my foundation is set in the almighty. I therefor honour God and the viewer with my work and creation.

Shadrack is a member of the Nyabhingi and his hair is signifies a covenant.

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